Florent Poux

Florent Poux is a young lecturer at the Geomatics Unit – Uliege. He holds a PhD degree in spatial data science from the University of Liège – Belgium, and an Engineering MSc from the CNAM / ESGT – France. As secondary activities, he is the director of Geovast 3D, as well as an OpenClassroom mentor for data science, data analysis and machine learning.

His activities aim at transmitting knowledge and solving automation problematics, through various form of communication and developments. Florent Poux relies on his expertise and a close group of skilled collaborators that share a vision of global cooperation toward the advancement of technological science for a better society.



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  • Point Cloud
  • Segmentation & Classification
  • Semantics & Graphs
  • 3D Geometry
  • Artificial Intelligence

Courses 2019-2020

  1. GEOG0053-1 – University of Liège – MSc
    Topography & Land Surveying
    by POUX Florent
  2. GEOG0054-1 – University of Liège – BSc
    Methods of Spatial Data Acquisition
    by POUX Florent
  3. GEOG0059-1 – University of Liège – BSc
    Geographical Information Systems
    by BILLEN Roland, POUX Florent
  4. GEOG0063-1 – University of Liège – MSc
    3D Acquisition
    by POUX Florent
  5. GEOG0064-1 – University of Liège – MSc
    3D Recognition & Understanding
    by POUX Florent
  6. GEOG0065-1 – University of Liège – MSc
    Immersive 3D Environment
    by POUX Florent

Research Sharing Structures

  • Geovast 3D
  • Flyvast
  • OpenClassroom

Point Cloud Lab Structure

The different projects are linked to industrial, research or academic purposes. The aim is to provide a visibility and feedback continuum from the emergence of ideas to the implementation for real-world problem solving.