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What is Reality Capture ?

The democratization of capturing devices across a growing number of industries has made point clouds a mainstream spatial sensor’s output data. Unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV), light detection and ranging (LiDAR) devices, terrestrial laser scanners (TLS) and depth sensors are common remote sensors or platforms within geospatial, robotics, engineering and construction (AEC), mining, topography, cultural heritage, architecture and archaeology fields. Passive sensors such as thermal, infrared and RGB cameras has even become a common tool for creating point cloud via photogrammetry and computer vision implementation, making this technique a promising way to get quick and colour balanced point clouds.


Niche market ?

Everyone can nowadays quickly generate a 3D point cloud. You just need a decent camera and some notions of photography to get started. However, this is where the “accessibility” stops. Yes, you can easily generate a point cloud using black-box software; yes you can have a pretty looking reconstructed 3D scene; but how will you merchandise it ? What is important in reality capture ? The appearance ? The representativity ?

Understanding before using ?

Applications. This is what drives reality capture and available markets. Depending on the applications, you will have to adapt your techniques & methodologies  in order to achieve what is necessary. Falsly advertising precisions, accuracy can in the long term badly hurt the community, but also your credibility. This points out the necessity in targeted formations, following well documented tutorials or spending the right amount of time to master the application-drived capturing pipelines.

What will you find on Point Cloud Project ?

Point cloud processing will heavily depends on the quality of the input data; i.e. what you capture. Therefore, I dedicated myself to creating content that adress novices as well as professionnal to get the necessary background and workflow to stand out of the crowd. You will find on this website useful and targeted ressources specific to real-life applications to help you define your optimal reality capture workflow. Courses & tutorials are available in various form: videos, documents, datasets, online experiences, …

Feel free to comment or asks questions, any contribution is greatly appreciated !

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