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From Reality Capture to digital reconstructions

Once a point cloud is generated and after processing to filter, normalize, segment and extract parts of interests, we often struggle to share theses marvelous copies of the real world. Namely, complex accessibility and necessary abstraction are issues that make point clouds hard to grasp for the non-initiated. Hopefully, we can nowadays leverage the power of emerging technologies to harness the necessary visualisation techniques for easy understanding. The next step being of course how is this data securely stored and shared similarly to a a social media platform, but in more complex details and retaining targeted information. It can then become a very powerful communication system, that anyone can access easily from anywhere in the world.

Which means are available ?

Well, if we look at the gloabl pictures, possibilities are near to endless. In an attempt to structure and give a first frame, I will give possible means, softwares and techniques that you can use to achieve your goals. Of course, I do not claim to be an expert in every software, but some notions are sometimes more than enough for amazing applications.

What “end product” could we extract from point clouds ?

The technology is evolving rapidly. I will first start by giving specialize workflow for high-end 2D orthos extractions as well as perspective projective rendering for nice static views. I will cover how to create beautiful 3D rendering and export it in various formats such as GIFs, Videos, … I will go through possibilities for 3D WebGL sharing, Android applications as well as softwares, middlewares and any real time platform that can handle point clouds. Of course, one big part is about virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and holograms that allow fantastic applicationspossibilities I will gives scripts, tutorials and

How will this information be accessible ?

You will find scripts, codes, tutorials, softwares and any useful ressource that allow you to develop the best pipeline from point cloud processing to virtualization and dissemination.

Feel free to comment or asks questions, any contribution is greatly appreciated !

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