5-Step Guide to generate 3D meshes from point clouds with Python

3D data modelling

In this article, I will give you my 3D surface reconstruction process for quickly creating a mesh from point clouds with python. You will be able to export, visualize and integrate results into your favorite 3D software, without any coding experience. Additionally, I will provide you with a simple way to generate multiple Levels of Details (LoD), useful if you want to create real-time applications (E.g. Virtual Reality with Unity).

3D meshes are geometric data structures most often composed of a bunch of connected triangles that explicitly describe a surface 🤔. They are used in a wide range of applications from geospatial reconstructions to VFX, movies and video games. I often create them when a physical replica is demanded or if I need to integrate environments in game engines, where point cloud support is limited.

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