Data Acquisition

Due to the rapid development of surveying and reality capture technologies, the acquisition of point clouds continues to become easier and faster while incurring lower costs. The evolution and expansion to a wider audience is driven mainly through scene understanding where tasks like navigation, grasping or scene manipulation are essential to its applications. Image-based reconstructions prove useful in cases ranging from archaeological to full towns and complex architectural reconstruction, making this technique a favourable way to get quick and visually pleasant point clouds. Although precision for middle to large scale are getting increasingly better, remote sensing via active sensors is favoured in the industry as the precision characterization is more accessible. There are discussions in which computer vision would replace Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), but practical cases tend to a merging of both techniques and predilection applications for each, combining strengths of natural light independence with low-cost and highly visual image-based reconstruction. Overall, the evolution of the technology through TLS, Mobile laser scanning (MLS), Solid State LiDAR are extending cases for indoor mapping using HMLS, MMS systems, or more recently MMBS demands massive automation and structuration to limit task specific manual processing and storage problems.

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