Panos 360°

Virtual Tour Maastricht

conducted under University of Liège – Geomatics Unit

Maastricht Radhuis – Main Room

Maastricht Radhuis – Main Room Center

Maastricht Radhuis – To rooms

Maastricht Radhuis – A room within the Radhuis

Maastricht Radhuis – Cheminée

Maastricht Radhuis – A room in renovation

Theses 360° were made and processed during a test campain in Maastricht (Holland). I charged the laser scanner Leica P30 with the high quality Canon EOS 5D MARK III, and we visited the beautiful Radhuuis of Maastricht, while beeing renovated. Tests were carried on to create full HDR 360° panorama in order to colorize the point cloud with a high representativity. Indeed, the light conditions were poor and the room had very dark ambiant light with directional spots everywhere.

Virtual Tour Jehay

conducted under University of Liège – Geomatics Unit

Virtual Tour Catle of Jehay

Roof Virtual Tour

Point Cloud castle of Jehay

Facade of Jehay